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About us

Our ethos

We are Origin Kitchen, a plant-based family business on a mission to transform our relationship with food and the planet. 

We aim to do this by creating innovative and interesting natural food products with bold flavours and fresh ingredients.

Our goal is to make sustainable, healthy and truly delicious food accessible and convenient.


Eat to thrive, not just survive

The food we choose to eat often reflects the relationships we have with ourselves. Making conscious consumption choices is a fantastic way to start transforming our internal environment, in turn, optimising our physical, mental and emotional health. 

Vibrant food helps to cultivate a vibrant mood

Conscious Change

Our actions today will shape the outcomes of tomorrow.

The power for positive change lies in the hands of each and every person. From day-to-day decisions to life-changing choices, every thought and action creates a ripple. When driven by collective intention, ripples form waves.

The way to change the world is one choice at a time.